segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

Ganados Del Valle

All over the world, rural cultures are losing ground. In a 1987 study, World Watch Institute observed that reviving rural economies is a low priority in a world dominated by excessive urbanization. In northern New Mexico's Chama River Valley, a cooperative of sheepherders and artisans has brought much hope and economic progress to this region. Ganados del Valle is a non profit corporation started by sheep growers and weavers, providing for a rural economy and way of life that has virtually disappeared in the United States. However, Ganados is not without its obstacles. Over recent years, there has been a bitter dispute with the state's Game Commission and Environmentalists over sheep grazing on public lands and the impact on wildlife habitats. While Ganados del Valle maintains its support for wildlife protection, the cooperative still depends on access to grazing lands for its own survival. COLORES visits with members of the cooperative and explores their art, life style and ongoing efforts to keep a rural culture alive. Originally broadcast on New Mexico PBS station KNME