quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

Author Gar Alperovitz is a Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the Univ. of Maryland, a Founding Principal of The Democracy Collaborative, and former Fellow of the Institute of Politics at Harvard and King's College of Cambridge University. He has served as a Legislative Director in the U.S. House of Rep. and the U.S. Senate, and as a Special Assist. in the Dept. of State. Dr. Alperovitz's numerous articles have appeared in publications ranging from The New York Times and The Washington Post to The Journal of Economic Issues, Foreign Policy, Diplomatic History, and other academic and popular journals. He is also author of The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb, published in 1995, and the 2002 book, Making a Place for Community: Local Democracy in a Global Era (with Thad Williamson and David Imbroscio). This talk was given at Glendale College (Glendale, California) on September 19, 2009.