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The Empire Files: The Empire's Border Part I - A Policy of Death

Along the southern border of the United States is a graveyard, where hundreds upon hundreds of human remains are waiting to be found in the sand. They are teenagers, mothers and spouses walking the only path available to them—away from poverty and violence: towards their families, the only place safer and easier to eat. In Part 1 of this two-part series, Abby Martin reveals a catastrophe at the Empire's gates; not only a shockingly high body count, but a humanitarian crisis manufactured by the U.S. government. Sinister tactics, a for-profit prison pipeline, and a court system that looks more like a slave auction than a trial await those who survive. Join The Empire Files on-location to learn how Border Patrol has turned land into a weapon, to take the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.

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Paul Craig Roberts on the US economy and global refugee crisis

To get his insight on the state of the US economy and the roots of Europe’s refugee crisis, Boom Bust correspondent Bianca Facchinei sat down with Paul Craig Roberts – chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan.

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Financial inequality rooted in quantitative easing policy - Simon Dixon debates

Richest 1% own more than 88% - Simon Dixon discusses on Davos Report

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Simon Dixon, the author of "Bank to the Future", from London, and the columnist of The Hill, Brent Budowsky, from Washington, to discuss Oxfam's report on the financial inequality across the world.

Dixon believes that the current gap between the rich and the poor is the direct result of “quantitative easing” policy adopted by central banks in different parts of the world to serve the interests of large corporations and big banks.

The quantitative easing policy has actually taken tax payers’ money, government assets, and enormous forms of wealth and put them into the hands of large corporations and banks, Dixon says, adding that it provides wealthy people in the world with easy access to cheap credit.

“The system is fixed. The game is rigged. It is in favor of the big banks, in favor of Wall Street firms, in favor of the super-wealthy and against the poor and against average folks in the middle class and workers,” Brent Budowsky says.

He also appreciates the approach of the US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders towards the issue of economic inequality, adding that people in the US and Europe should force their governments, whether through elections or forming social movements such as Occupy Wall Street, to change the current financial systems voluntarily and build a just and equal economy.

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The Empire Files: Examining the Syria War Chessboard

The war in Syria is an unparalleled crisis. It has gone far beyond an internal political struggle, and is marked by a complex array of forces that the U.S. Empire hopes to command: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and more. To simplify this web of enemies and friends, Abby Martin interviews Dr. Vijay Prashad, professor of International Studies at Trinity College and author of several books.

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The Taxcast, Edition 49, January 2016

What's Scotland got to do with the plunder of Moldova? We take a look at the 'Wild West' of Scottish Limited Partnerships. Also, we discuss the tensions in the EU; is the net finally closing on multinational companies, the tax minimisation deals they've been getting from various European countries and the big four accountancy firms who advised them? Just how bad was the sell off of one of Colombia's most profitable power generation companies? And what's former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair got to do with it? And why's it been ignored outside Latin America? Also, we talk about the MEP who's dragging the European Commission through the courts to get access to papers they'd rather we didn't see. John Christensen will eat his hat if they DON'T reveal what MEP Fabio De Masi believes they will: 'systematic political backup for a tax avoidance cartel that costs taxpayers in the EU hundreds of billions of dollars annually.'

Featuring: The Tax Justice Network director John Christensen, Daria Kaleniuk of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre in Ukraine Finance journalist and writer Ian Fraser Richard Smith, finance journalist and blogger at Naked Capitalism

Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network. Also available on iTunes.

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Changing Contours of Global Order, Professor Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky presented a lecture 'Changing Contours of Global Order' a look at our drastically changing world, and the implications for domestic and world order on 4 November 2011.

This was a free public lecture and was Professor Chomsky's only public appearance in Melbourne, Australia.

Professor Chomsky was an invited guest of Deakin University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

6 28 2015 David Korten at LCC

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Plutocracy: Political Repression In The U.S.A.

Plutocracy is the first documentary to comprehensively examine early American history through the lens of class. A multi-part series by filmmaker Scott Noble, Part I focuses on the the ways in which the American people have historically been divided on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex and skill level.

Plutocracy: Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule) includes sections on Mother Jones, the American Constitution; the Civil War draft riots; Reconstruction; Industrialization; the evolution of the police; the robber barons; early American labor unions; and major mid-to-late 19th Century labor events including the uprising of 1877, the Haymarket Affair, the Homestead strike and the New Orleans General Strike. The introduction examines the West Virginian coal wars of the early 20th Century, culminating in the Battle of Blair Mountain.

Part II (‘Solidarity Forever’) will cover the late 19th Century to the early twenties.

The filmmaker is currently seeking donations to complete the project. If you’d like to help, you can donate to their Patreon account.

Morris Berman Interview on the Judith Regan Show (2-8-2014)

Author and public intellectual Morris Berman is interviewed on the collapse of American society. From Saturday, February 8, 2014.

You can visit Morris Berman's blog here:

The Empire Files: The Tyranny of Big Oil

The oil industry is a powerhouse with control over land, resources, politics and more. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin uncovers big oil's strong-arm reach--its growth, its crimes, its power and its impunity.

Featuring interviews with two investigative journalists who have covered oil disasters on-the-ground--Antonia Juhasz, author of "Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill", and Greg Palast, author of "Vulture's Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pig, Power Pirates, and High-Finance Carnivores."

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Act Out! [45] - Your Charity case, frack that, oil trains & a paradigm lost

This week:--- 'tis better to give than to receive – but who are you giving to and who's really receiving the gift? With the help of non-profit employee and activist, Anna Kaminski, we dive into the non-profit industry and peek behind that shiny charity veneer. Next up, from coast to coast, let's talk the fossil fuel industry – fracking, oil trains, export terminals oh my. Activists are making gains but they need your help in taking this fight up to the next level. But first, you have to lose it – a paradigm lost.

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The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight

Mike Lofgren, a congressional staff member for 28 years, joins Bill Moyers to talk about what he calls Washington's "Deep State," in which elected and unelected figures collude to protect and serve powerful vested interests. "It is how we had deregulation, financialization of the economy, the Wall Street bust, the erosion or our civil liberties and perpetual war," Lofgren tells Moyers.

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Consuming Images (Bill Moyers documentary from 1990 about the public mind and the media culture)

This rare documentary from 1990 with Bill Moyers was possibly the first to examine the hyper-commercialized images the mainstream media floods us with. It includes interviews with Neil Postman, Stuart Ewen, Mark Crispin Miller, Herbert Schiller, and others. It is just as relevant today as when first aired.

Noam Chomsky - Necessary Illusions (Full Massey Lecture, High Audio Quality)

College Lecture Series - Neil Postman - "The Surrender of Culture to Technology"

A lecture delivered by Neil Postman on Mar. 11, 1997 in the Arts Center. Based on the author's book of the same title. Neil Postman notes the dependence of Americans on technological advances for their own security. Americans have come to expect technological innovations to solve the larger problems of mankind. Technology itself has become a national "religion" which people take on faith as the solution to their problems. Includes questions from the audience.

Morris Berman Discusses Living an Authentic Life (1-6-2015)

Morris Berman discusses living an authentic life on, published on January 6, 2015.


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John Ralston Saul: Freedom and Globalisation

Longtime outspoken critic of globalism and what he calls the "rationalist elite", John Ralston Saul argues it's time for a big shift in our political and corporate thinking. Despite the promise of a shiny new world order of globalism for the past forty years, he argues, 19th century European ideas of progress borne out in the industrial revolution continue to dominate the direction of the world.

To a packed house at Melbourne's RMIT Capitol Theatre, Ralston Saul argues that the worldwide reliance on and faith in globalism has led to war, financial meltdown and a failure to find solutions to important challenges such as climate change.

Along the way, he disputes some of the fundamental tenets of globalism such as the diminution of the nation state. He asks why, despite the promise of a global community, nations such as Australia and Canada have only survived the GFC on the back of national industries such as mining, and questions the culture of managerialism promulgated by universities worldwide.

The event was hosted by Melbourne Writers' Festival in association with The Sydney Writers' Festival and Melbourne PEN Centre.

John Ralston Saul is a Canadian essayist and novelist who is the current President of International PEN, a worldwide association of writers that promotes freedom of expression and intellectual cooperation. Saul has become increasingly influential as a writer of philosophical essays such as Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West (1993) which argued that Voltaire's utopian vision had been usurped by the technocratic elite . In his 2005 novel The Collapse of Globalism: And the Reinvention of the World he warned that, like it or not, globalism was already collapsing and that if we did not act quickly we would be caught in a crisis and limited to emergency reactions.

Declared a "prophet" by TIME magazine, his works have been translated into 22 languages in 30 countries. In his most recent novel, A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada (2008), he suggests a rethinking of the penchant "peace, order, and good government" that supposedly defines Canada, arguing that it is a distortion of the country's true nature

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A Country Won or Lost by Its Intellectuals, with John Ralston Saul

A Country Won or Lost by Its Intellectuals: John Ralston Saul
Les intellectuels, source de la chance et du malheur du pays

Pirate Television: Morris Berman - Why America Failed

Most criticism of the problems within American society places blame on institutions (military, corporations) rather than looking at the American public's identity. The true root of the problem rests on the nature of the American culture, which has been based in war and religious objectives since colonists first arrived to the New World. The US reflects a "negative identity" in that we create oppositions to guide and justify our actions. To begin to rectify economic, political, and social problems in the US we need to address mass public education and redefine the American identity.

UBC Reads Sustainability - Morris Berman

Well known as an innovative cultural historian and social critic, Berman talks about "The Way We Live Today" based on his recent book, "Why America Failed". Recorded March 19, 2012

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In Praise of Shadows (Morris Berman)

Morris Berman's plenary talk delivered at the 2013 Media Ecology Association Convention, Grand Valley State University, June.
Morris's blog:

Dr. Daniele Ganser Interview : NATO's Secret Armies - Operation GLADIO

MP3 & SHOW NOTES: Our guest this week is Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, author of the seminal book NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe, who joins us for a fascinating (though at times unsettling) conversation on the subject of Operation GLADIO.

Shortly after WWII a Europe-wide network of secret armies was organised under the aegis of NATO, tasked with providing military and intelligence resistance in the event of a feared Soviet invasion. Modelled on the resistance movements of the war years, many of these "stay behind" units remained faithful to their original mandate. But by the early 1960s - under the pressures of anti-communist politicking and flirtations with the Far Right - some of these groups began to morph into something more sinister, linking up with extreme right-wingers who carried out acts of false-flag terrorism, harassment of left-wing parties and coups d'état.

But was this morphing simply an unforseen consequence of the unaccountability and instability of the network itself? Or was it, at least in part, engineered by the very Anglo-American establishment which gave birth to the project in the first place? And to what extent, therefore, can such acts of terror be seen as manifestations of 'the strategy of tension', carried out by the State against its own citizens for the purposes of control at home and geopolitical gain abroad? (We also discuss: Operation Northwoods, the so-called War on Terror, 9/11 and the recent Charle Hebdo attacks.)

Michael Parenti on Preserving the Status Quo

Michael Parenti is an American social critic. His speech criticizes the elite circles behind the Kennedy assassination and the intellectual circles who refuse to challenge the official story.

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History of False Flags, Charlie Hebdo and the Media War (2015)

A brand new 50 minute documentary exploring the events that transpired in Paris, historical false-flags, the rise of anti-Islamic and Neo-Nazi group PEGIDA in Germany, the American Sniper, U.S covert ops and proxy wars with groups like the Islamic State, and the role of media in false flag operations.

The Empire Files: The Most Dangerous Year for Muslims in America

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Deepa Kumar, professor of media studies at Rutgers University and author of *Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire*, about the roots of this alarming situation. From confronting right-wing arguments, to examining the reality behind Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims, to how Islamophobia is a reinforcement and basis for the structures of Empire, the first Empire Files episode of 2016 gives essential context to the wave of anti-Muslim hate in America and beyond.

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NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM

A 36-year veteran of America’s Intelligence Community, William Binney resigned from his position as Director for Global Communications Intelligence (COMINT) at the National Security Agency (NSA) and blew the whistle, after discovering that his efforts to protect the privacy and security of Americans were being undermined by those above him in the chain of command.

The NSA data-monitoring program which Binney and his team had developed -- codenamed ThinThread -- was being aimed not at foreign targets as intended, but at Americans (codenamed as Stellar Wind); destroying privacy here and around the world. Binney voices his call to action for the billions of individuals whose rights are currently being violated.

William Binney speaks out in this feature-length interview with Tragedy and Hope's Richard Grove, focused on the topic of the ever-growing Surveillance State in America.

On January 22, 2015: (Berlin, Germany) – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is proud to announce that retired NSA Technical Director and GAP client, William "Bill" Binney, will accept the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence Award today in Berlin, Germany. The award is presented annually by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) to a professional who has taken a strong stand for ethics and integrity. 

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In this groundbreaking new 2016 Dark Journalist episode he welcomes the author of the amazing book: Chemtrails HAARP And The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, Elana Freeland. Elana's 20 year journey into the realm of covert geoengineering programs, whose goal is to create a dominant Worldwide Smart Grid to ionize the atmosphere, centralize control and institute an all-powerful surveillance state, culminated in what Dark Journalist calls "The best book ever written on these controversial subjects!"

Elana's investigation draws on the research of scientist Nick Begich and the work of her friend scientist Clifford Carnicom, the leading voices alerting the public to the dangers of large-scale Aerial Spraying and Ionospheric Heaters. Her penetrating insights into the controversial military policy of "Full Spectrum Dominance" and its ties to covert agendas for controlling the atmosphere have led her to secret programs that deal with Weather Warfare, Earthquake and Tsunami Delivery Systems, Nanotechnology, DNA Manipulation and Disaster Capitalism!

In her research she has found that the advanced technology that is behind such complex and mind-boggling activities is rooted in the same programs that created the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) back in the Reagan and Bush Sr. era that was dubbed "Star Wars" by the media. The further development of this technology led to the project called "The Space Fence" in which all life on earth was to be manipulated and controlled from above through nano-sensors with satellites observing the action on the ground.

From Smartphone Entrainment to Wireless Surveillance, Data Mining and WIFI Frequency Wave Towers, the public is now paying for the very tools that will be used to control their every move and monitor their every thought, phone call, email, and emotion. Through the news blackout of the controlled corporate mainstream media an average person has little or no knowledge that the air we breathe is being loaded up with nano-particulates to form the basis of a gigantic worldwide antenna that will be hooked into all physical, organic matter and feed impulses into an Artificial Intelligence infrastructure.

Mechanized Tyranny or Creative Freedom?
Will the Transhumanist agenda of corporate overlords merging with technology to dominate the earth and humanity come to pass? Is this the era of genetically-enhanced cyborg supersoldiers and controller attack drones funded by out of control black budget military programs and puppet-dancer politicians or will the exposure of these dangerous programs cause a radical shift in our 21st century paradigm? The choice apparently is ours.

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Conférence Jean Ziegler "Comment penser le monde et le transformer ?"

Retrouvez en vidéo la conférence exceptionnelle de Jean Ziegler "Comment penser le monde et le transformer ?" qui a eu lieu le 26 janvier 2015 au Théâtre Nuithonie à Villars-sur-Glâne. Un podcast audio

Jean Ziegler, professeur de sociologie à l’Université de Genève et vice-président du Comité consultatif du Conseil des droits de l’homme de l’ONU, est l’invité d’un débat exceptionnel, organisé par Payot Libraire, Nuithonie et à l’occasion de la parution de son dernier livre "Retournez les fusils ! Choisir son camp."

Jean Ziegler qui, dans ses livres, a continuellement dénoncé les injustices de notre monde, nous fait choisir notre camp et retourner nos fusils. Les moyens que la sociologie offre de transformer le monde y sont exposés.

La rencontre est animée par Patrick Vallélian, rédacteur en chef de

Yanis Varoufakis: Democracy Under Siege, Carnegie Conversations

What happens when a Professor of Economics gets his hands on the economic levers of a country in the eye of the financial storm? Yanis Varoufakis' seven month stint as Greece's Minister of Finance took him into the heart of the Eurogroup, the IMF, and the continent's top decision-making bodies. With bluntness and force, he put the case for a different solution to Greece’s ills and accused the country’s creditors of terrorism. Telling Bloomberf “I wouldprefer to cut my arm off" rather than accept a bailout that did not involve debt restructuring, Varoufakis did not make friends among the Eurocrats. Sharing his first-hand view of the global financial system and what is means for ordinary citizens and governments when things go wrong, Yanis Varoufakis will discuss his experience at the intersection of politics and economics in theory and practice.

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Days of Revolt: America's Death Squads

In this episode of Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges sits down with investigative journalist Allan Nairn to discuss his experience covering wars across the globe, and the U.S.’s role in fuelling such conflicts. The two discuss the mechanics of Western intervention, and the consequences that are still unraveling today.

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In this special Economic Insight episode, Dark Journalist welcomes Best-Selling Author, Financial Expert and Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Nomi Prins. Nomi’s classic book series on the secret machinations of the financial world and how the banking elite are taking the world to the brink of economic ruin includes her latest book,"All The President’s Bankers.”

Together, Nomi and Dark Journalist will chart the pernicious influence of greedy, covert money power that is manipulating the global economy and engineering a stealth transfer of power and wealth on a scale never seen before in the history of the financial world! She also reveals the tightly knit web of wealthy families and political insiders that helped to engineer the economic bailouts that made the reckless big investment banks, like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, even bigger and rewarded them for their unethical and destructive behavior.

With her in-depth knowledge and experience in the Wall Street world, Nomi outlines the hidden processes that allow the toxic assets that the banks developed through bizarre credit derivative packages to continuously be bought by the Federal Reserve. As they reward their friends and devalue the dollar and wages of the average investor with absurd zero interest rate and the one-percent-friendly quantitative easing ‘QE' policies, the wealthy insiders are harvesting the assets of the public society.

Nomi also examines the risks for the papered over, debt-ridden economy and how in some ways we are more vulnerable to an economic tsunami than we were in the crash of 2008. The ramifications for ignoring this powerful trend of economic fragility are far too disturbing to contemplate as the new stock market bubble is being pumped up by the same forces that caused the recent financial crisis in the first place.

Revealing, unnerving, informative, insightful, outspoken and spellbinding, you’ve never seen Nomi lay out the facts of the financial reality we face as you will in this rare, in-depth, deep interview with Dark Journalist!

Derrick Jensen - Two Topics

Derrick Jensen speaks about how his Resistance Radio show came into being, and just a wee preview of what his new book, out in early 2016, covers. This program was produced for both Fuki Cafe, and for where it was first released on 12 8 15 .

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MUST-SEE DOCUMENTARY: How Big Oil Conquered the World


From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

Noam Chomsky: On Power and Ideology | The New School

Presented by Haymarket Books and the Schools of Public Engagement ( at The New School (, Noam Chomsky discusses the persistent and largely invariant features of U.S. foreign policy — in the words of U.S. planners, "the overall framework of order” — and its intimate relationship with U.S. domestic policy.

MIT Institute Professor (emeritus) of linguistics and philosophy Noam Chomsky is widely regarded to be one of the foremost critics of U.S. foreign policy in the world. He has published numerous groundbreaking books, articles, and essays on global politics, history, and linguistics. His recent books include The New York Times bestsellers Hegemony or Survival and Failed States, as well as Hopes and Prospects and Masters of Mankind. Haymarket Books is currently reissuing twelve of his classic books in new editions.



The Catherine Austin Fitts Interview You Must See!
Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back popular guest Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts for her seventh visit to the show.

Together they delve deeply into a stunning analysis of Mainstream Media Manipulation of Financial, Geopolitical and Social Engineering along with the Centralization policy of Common Core.

They also closely examine False Memes that have been filtering into the Alternative Media, and explode programmed myths such as "Cabal Arrests" and "Flat Earth" as a distraction from real issues like the recent spate of Holistic MD deaths and the real danger of False Flag Incidents designed to implement Repressive Policies, Tighter Control of Free Speech, Entrainment Mind Control and Total Orwellian Surveillance.

From the rise of shadowy mercenary groups around the globe to the full scale implementation of Corporate Private Armies, Fitts sees America at a pivotal point of accepting Totalitarian policies or rediscovering it's soul and purpose. What will America look like in 2020? She examines why we require not just financial solutions, but full transparency on everything from GMOs, Chemtrail Spraying, Black Budget Finance, Political Blackmail of Control Files, The Secret Space Program and more!

Riveting, revealing, controversial, eye-opening and alarmingly timely, this is the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview you've been waiting for! Don't miss this exciting Dark Journalist Episode that will challenge the regular, everyday view of reality and expose a desperate out of control covert system of Elite Centralization bent on World Domination...

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06 November 2015 - Heiner Flassbeck - Future of the Eurozone Seminar

According to Professor Galbraith, events in Greece have ended a brief moment of hope for a pragmatic turn in the policies of the Eurozone. The question, “What Now?” is thus urgently posed, and not only for Greece. Professor Galbraith spoke from his five months of close association with the Finance Ministry in Athens. Heiner Flassbeck examined the necessary elements required for a successful economic and monetary union. Brendan Halligan address the political implications of the Greek crisis and Brexit, for continued economic integration in Europe.

About the Speaker:

Speakers at this event will include James K. Galbraith, Professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Heiner Flassbeck, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Finance, and Brendan Halligan, Chairman of the IIEA. The seminar will be chaired by former Irish Minister for Finance, Ruairí Quinn T.D.

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Michael Parenti Audio Collection

A variety of talks by Professor Michael Parenti

Enforcing the Hierarchy by Every Means Available
How I Became an Activist
Lazy Law and Social Control
The Security State
State Strategies to Create Positive Images of War
Terrorism and Globalization
The Sword and the Dollar

Missing Link to Yanis Varoufakis - KenFM-Interview von Dirk Pohlmann

Gerade einmal sieben Monate als Finanzminister der Syriza-Regierung haben Prof. Yanis Varoufakis in Deutschland zum gefühlt bekanntesten Griechen seit Sokrates gemacht. Der Volkswirtschaftler mit Ausbildung an den Universitäten von Essex und East Anglia, der später an der britischen Elite-Uni Cambridge, sowie an den Universitäten von Sydney, Glasgow, Louvain und Athen als Professor lehrte, wird in den deutschen „Qualitätsmedien“ gerne als „Popstar“ lächerlich gemacht – obwohl er die meisten Berufspolitiker in der EU in Sachen Fachwissen klar deklassiert.

Varoufakis wäre mit seiner Expertise natürlich vor allem ein veritabler politischer Gegner für den Anführer der Anti-Griechen in der EU, den Juristen Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble – wenn sich Schäuble nicht darauf verlassen könnte, dass nur er und nicht auch Varoufakis mit seinen Ansichten in Deutschland zu Wort kommt.
Wieder einmal sorgen ARD, ZDF, die Bild-Zeitung sowie die anderen üblichen Verdächtigen in den Medien dafür, dass die offizielle Linie wie gleichgeschaltet über alle Kanäle an die Bevölkerung gesendet wird.
Das ist zum Beispiel zu sehen in „Schäuble – Macht und Ohnmacht“ ( ), eine staatstragende ARD-Doku, deren Inhalt durch das KenFM-Interview korrigiert und ergänzt wird, sowie hier mit Schäubles Pitbull und Lautsprecher Rolf-Dieter Krause ( ) und hier im Überblick ( ).
Die Effekte der unheiligen Allianz von „Bild“ (Unverschämte Griechen, faule Griechen, reiche Griechen) und dem Rest der Medien werden hier sichtbar:

In den USA hingegen haben sich Wirtschafts-Nobelpreisträger wie Paul Krugman oder Josef Stiglitz - selbst in den dortigen Leitmedien! - vehement gegen Schäuble und für Varoufakis geäußert.

Joseph Stiglitz spricht im Nachrichtenmagazin „Time“ davon, dass mit Schäubles Politik Griechenland von Deutschland zum zweiten Mal nach dem 2. Weltkrieg zerstört wird.
Paul Krugman schreibt in der New York Times, dass an der griechischen Lage in erster Linie der Euro schuld sei – eine Analyse, die Varoufakis ähnlich auch in unserem KenFM-International-Interview mit Dirk Pohlmann vertritt.

Weiterführend verlinkt der Vorschlag der europäischen Linksparteien „Plan B“, und die Webseite von Yanis Varoufakis mit hochinteressanten Artikeln.

Die Alternative zum deutschen Medien-Einheitsbrei läuft auf KenFM. Ein Interview, in dem Yanis Varoufakis selbst zu Wort kommt und seine Argumente nicht nachträglich „senderkompatibel“ (regierungsgenehm) so lange verfälscht und kommentiert werden, bis Varoufakis selbst für Varoufakis nicht mehr erkennbar ist.

Days of Revolt - The Militarism of U.S. Diplomacy

In this episode of Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges and author Vijay Prashad trace the acceleration of U.S. militarism since the collapse of the Soviet Union. They also discuss the nature of U.S. domination over global affairs, and the resulting consequences for not only the world, but also the U.S. itself.

Chris Hedges~ The Algebra of Revolution // 12/9/2015 Concordia University

The Pulitzer prize winning author and jornalist Chris Hedges visited Concordia University on December 9th for a talk titled 'The Algebra of Revolution.'
Mr. Hedges touched on topics ranging from Donald Trump to the Trans Pacific Partnership and ISIS.
The event was organized by the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore and Canadian Dimensions magazine; an independent socialist publication based out of Winnipeg.

The Secret US Prisons You've Never Heard of Before | Will Potter | TED Talks

Investigative journalist Will Potter is the only reporter who has been inside a Communications Management Unit, or CMU, within a US prison. These units were opened secretly, and radically alter how prisoners are treated — even preventing them from hugging their children. Potter, a TED Fellow, shows us who is imprisoned here, and how the government is trying to keep them hidden. "The message was clear," he says. "Don’t talk about this place." Find sources for this talk at