domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Paul Grignon - Digital Coin

A comprehensive & innovative proposal for  
a new system of sustainable economics
Below are four links, best followed in order. The first is a short animation "The Essence of Money, a Medieval Tale (7:36)" illustrating the principle that underlies this idea, self-issued credit.
This is much the same idea that underlies most alternative money systems and which is, in truth, the basis upon which conventional banking actually works despite its pretense to be "lending" money. See Money as Debt
The second animation "Digital Coin - Introduction (8:32)" shows how Digital Coin puts this simple universal principle into practice using emerging technologies to create "unique digital objects" that can be used like coins.
These "Digital Coins" can be transferred instantly anywhere in the networked world.
This can be done anonymously, without accounting and without any third party involvement, analogous to handing someone a gold coin. You have it. Now they have it.
No bookkeeping is required unless desired.
These "unique digital objects" are also analogous to gold coins in that they have inherent value.
They are fully redeemable for specific real goods and services.
The third link is to a 3-page PDF document "Digital Coin in Brief (pdf)"
The fourth links to the full 28-page proposal, "Digital Coin - Beyond Money" (pdf) revised as of August 16, 2009
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