domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

COMBAT- MONSANTO - Building a world free from Monsanto

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Welcome to the new international version of Now it’s easy for you to view our articles in English, Spanish and French. Our work is going global and citizens of the world can now see the true face of Monsanto.
Within these pages you will find alternative information about Monsanto and the firm’s products: GMO and Roundup, and also bovine growth hormone and Agent Orange.
In the “Protest” section you will find reports from many concerned NGOs and details of their activities. “A world of protest” keeps you informed on protests against Monsanto worldwide.
Finally “The Monsanto System” reveals the firm’s shady methods, describing how it infiltrates public bodies and how it puts scientists under pressure. It also provides a guide to decoding and understanding Monsanto’s propaganda aimed at the public.
Most of these articles precis the information revealed in the documentary “The World According to Monsanto”, an in-depth investigation by the journalist Marie Monique Robin. You can buy the “World According to Monsanto” book and DVD on this website.