sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010

ReThink Interview: Philippe Diaz — De-Growth

On 11/18/09, I interviewed Philippe Diaz, the writer/director/cinematographer of the new documentary, THE END OF POVERTY?, at Cinema Libre Studio in Canoga Park, CA. The film traces modern poverty back to 1492 when Europe began an aggressive and brutal expansion into the southern hemisphere, taking the land of the indigenous people and transforming their diversified natural economies into monocultures designed to supply the countries of the north with cheap raw materials. Even after these countries were granted their independence, high-interest loans, debt, and unfair trade policies effectively kept them slaves.

In this clip, Diaz explains how the world is headed for calamity unless the countries of the northern hemisphere abandon the philosophy of endless growth for the sake of endless consumption and waste.

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