terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Donald Gutstein: Propaganda Hijacks Democracy

Introduction: Bob Hackett
Speaker: Donald Gutstein

Donald Gutstein teaches news media research, journalism studies and documentary research in the School of Communication at SFU. His new book Not A Conspiracy Theory: How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy. He has written many articles on media, business, propaganda and politics for the Georgia Straight, The Tyee and other publications.

North Americans have expressed themselves loud and clear on a wide range of issues--like the need for expanded and affordable health care—but it often feels like the politicians in power aren’t really listening.
The truth is, maybe they aren’t.
In Not a Conspiracy Theory, Donald Gutstein skillfully documents one of the most important but least recognized political developments in the last thirty years: the prolonged propaganda campaigns mounted by business to change our minds on fundamental issues of social life.
He explores such topics as the Propaganda Century; American Roots: The Rise of the Corporate Propaganda System; The Propoganda Machine in Action: The `90s and Beyond; Delaying Action on
Climate Change: Killing Medicare … to save it? and, Targeting Corporate Propaganda’s Vulnerabilities.
For anyone who worries that the propaganda machine might hijack the democractic process, Not a Conspiracy Theory is a must read.

“…ambitious, well-researched book…” - The Georgia Straight