sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012

It's The Monetary System Stupid! [ Interview with Professor Bernd Senf ]


BERND MUSTARD, born in 1944, taught from 1973 to March 2009 in Berlin as a professor of economics at the University of Economics (FHW). Since April 2009 he is still working freelance - including lectures, seminars, workshops, publications and support pioneering projects. One focus of his work lies in the commonly understood mediation of economic and social contexts. His special interest is a deeper understanding of living processes and their relationship to mainstream science, economics, technology and ethics.

His cross-disciplinary events ("Ways out of the ecological crisis," "Introduction to the work of Wilhelm Reich", "life energy research", "revival of nature", "Principles of a natural economic order" and "Man - Nature - Company") are again a broad public interest. Between the flow of money in an economy and social order to the flow of vital energy in the body of a man looks amazing Bernd Senf functional identities: The blocking of the flow process makes the organism sick and destructive.