quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Vilayanur Ramachandran speaking at Nobel Conference 47, "The Brain and Being Human"

Vilayanur Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and Professor, Psychology Department and Neurosciences Program, University of California, San Diego
V.S. “Rama” Ramachandran has pursued research in two areas, one in the study of visual perception (what a subject is seeing based on what they report), and the other in behavioral neurology (in which his experiments, despite their seeming simplicity, have had a significant impact on the way we think about the brain). He is credited with introducing the use of visual feedback as a treatment for phantom limb pain and complex regional pain syndrome and for stroke rehabilitation. More recently, his work has focused on the causes of autism.

Source : https://gustavus.edu/events/nobelconference/2011/ramachandran.php