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Global Crises, Regional Solutions


In this video, activists from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe argue that regional integration is the only viable response to the current economic, climate, food and energy crises.

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Introduction (animation) 0:00'
1 - Why are the regions relevant in a context of global crises? 1:37'
* No country can face the crises on its own 1:52'
* Regional Integration: Breaking the dependence from global markets 4:44'
* Alternative Regional integration: towards a different development model 6:48'
* People-Centred regional integration: much more than economic cooperation 12:08'
2 -- What issues are best dealt with at regional level? 16:24'
3 --Reclaiming the regions: the role of social actors. 21:04'
Credits 25:22'

Video Documentary | 26 minutes | April 2012

Produced by: Transnational Institute, in cooperation with Focus on the Global South and Hemispheric Social Alliance. This video is part of the Initiative People's Agenda for Alternative Regionalisms (PAAR) --

Interviews and Script: Cecilia Olivet
Video editing and animations: Ricardo Santos
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