domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Laura Flanders at the Economy Futures conference

2011 rocked the world: people’s uprisings spread across the globe – from Arab Spring to Occupy – in the grips of the deepest recession in living memory and unprecedented environmental phenomena proliferating against a backdrop of rising temperatures and the largest annual increase in greenhouse gas emissions in history. Both nationally and globally the modern economic system came under intense scrutiny, along with many assumptions we have so long taken for granted. More and more we are beginning to recognize the barriers to action on the issues we care about are embedded in our economics.

We need a new vision: a more inclusive, democratic, and realistic economic paradigm for our generation, one that puts people and planet above profit.

At the Transition to a New Economy conference in March 2012, social justice and environmental organizers from across the country will come together to start seeing our discourse, activism, and campaigns as key steps in the transition to a new economy. Coming together will allow us to view our struggles through a systemic lens and evolve our action plans accordingly.