segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Josh Ryan Collins of New Economics Foundation at the Just Banking Conference

Josh Ryan Collins at the Just Banking Conference on 20th April 2012. (
"an overview of the banking system, and its influence on growth and financial instability".

Josh joined the New Economics Foundation in 2006 and works in the Finance and Business team leading work on monetary reform. His work encompasses both practical interventions, such as researching and developing complementary currencies, local and ethical banking and macro-level research on reforms to the monetary system in the UK and internationally.

He is the lead author of nef's recently published 'Where Does Money Come From?: A guide to the UK monetary and banking system' and a co-author of nef's 'The Great Transition'.

Josh is also a Director and one of the founders of the Brixton Pound, the largest sterling-backed complementary currency in the UK, based in his native South London. He is studying for PhD in Finance examining historical examples of public credit creation at the University of Southampton and trained in Sociology.