domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2012

Richard Douthwaite on the Economy of Debt


Post Carbon Fellow and economist Richard Douthwaite looks at the flaws in the current economic model and how it requires constantly tranfered debt. He goes on to imagine what what happen if we changed the system in order to make it more sustainable.

Richard Douthwaite passed away in November 2011 after a long illness. Richard was co-founder of Feasta, an Irish economic think tank focused on the economics of sustainability. He was also a council member of Comhar, the Irish government's national sustainability council. He acted as economic adviser to the Global Commons Institute from 1993 to 2005, during which time GCI developed the Contraction and Convergence approach to dealing with greenhouse gas emissions which has since been backed by many countries. Richard is author of The Growth Illusion: How Economics Growth has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet (New Society, 1999) and Short Circuit: Strengthening Local Economics for Security in an Unstable World (Green Books, 1996).