terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

BloomTV: Jabari Exum & Amadou Kouate, Kora and Djembe Virtuosos


Jabari Exum
Steeped in the dynamism and social consciousness of hip-hops golden age and his own family's African-centered spiritual and cultural perspectives, Jabari Exum realized his mission of bringing forth balance and understanding to the lives of others through music and poetry at an early age. Jabari is a drummer, rapper, producer, poet, keyboardist, percussionist and dancer. He is also a founding member of the duo - Hueman Prophets, a Washington, DC-based hip-hop duo known for their dynamic and inspiring live performances. Jabari is a born performer and thinker.

Amadou Kouyate
Amadou is the first Diali born in the Americas. As heir to the Kouyate legacy, Amadous life revolves around the oral tradition of transmitting and safeguarding the history of his clan through music and the arts. He continues to travel around the world performing with various groups dazzling audiences with his speed, grace and power. He is an avid and professional Kora player and is also proficient in all types of other traditional West African instruments such as Kutiro, Sabar, Djembe, Balafon, Krin and Tama. He is a student at Howard University and teaches Djembe at several other universities in the DC area. Amadou is an official dedicated aficionado of all music.