terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

Banking on Alternatives

Banking on Alternatives from Sheryle Carlson on Vimeo.

Featuring Mark Anielski, genuine-wealth economist (anielski.com/​) and Duff Conacher from Democracy Watch, and the Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition

How are interest rates determined? Why does the federal government borrow more from corporate banks than the Bank of Canada? Why is charging interest a necessary faculty of our banking system? Why are so many low-income people restricted from banking services? What are the solutions? What are some of the working alternatives that currently exist in Canada and in the rest of the world?

We pose these questions for the purpose of filling in some of the blanks on how our current banking system is furthering Canada's debt and subsidizing revenues for the wealthy elite and unsustainable corporations.

A surprising lack of research and exposure has been given to alternative economic and banking models that are being used, that have been used and could be used. The banking system we currently rely on, for most, has not been well defined by its limitations comparably to other systems. Analysis and definitions of the banking system, the history of its development and its relations to global governance, neo-liberalism, and capitalism will be necessary to showcase how and why the systems in which we work in are not working for everybody, and thus, giving reasoning for viable alternatives.

Sponsors and support:
Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG) htt://apirg.org
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Mark Anielski anielski.com/​).