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Culture, Politics & Pedagogy - A Conversation With Henry Giroux


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An active citizen, says the prolific and influential Henry Giroux, is "somebody who has the capacity not only to understand and engage the world but to transfom it when necessary, and to believe that he or she can do that." In this provocative new interview, Giroux speaks with passion about the inextricable links between education, civic engagement, and social justice.

Strongly influenced by Paulo Freire, the Brazilian scholar of progressive education, Giroux advocates for a pedagogy that challenges inequality, oppression, and fundamentalism. Essential viewing for students of education, cultural studies, and communication.

Sections: Introduction | On Paulo Freire | Freire's Legacy | Liberating Teaching | No Child Left Behind? | Race & Democratic Education | Questioning Authoritarianism | Media Education | On Agency | The War on Kids | Staying Unfinished | Struggling for the Future

Henry Giroux 
Henry Giroux is one of the leading writers and educators associated with the Critical Theory tradition in education. His first book, Ideology, Culture and the Process of Schooling, (1981), established him as an important voice in the world of educational theory. Since then he has authored more than 20 books, and over 200 scholarly articles and chapters. Presently he is the Waterbury Chair Professor in Secondary Education in Penn State's College of Education, and serves as the Director of the Waterbury Forum in Education and Cultural Studies.

Filmmaker Info 
Producer: Dr. Janice Welsch & Bill Yousman
Director: Mark Traverso of SCI Television Productions
Narrator: Henry Giroux