sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Construction of Reality - Merchandising Ideas

This is an excerpt from the documentary "Evidence Of Revision, Part 5", which introduces the viewer to how social reality is constructed in America today, via control of frames and schemas that impact the perception of its recipients. As Daniel Goleman tells us, reality is nothing more than a set of shared perceptions amongst a given audience.

Please see "The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge" by Berger & Luckman for more:

To Berger and Luckman the world is a Hollywood stage front, but not a delusion. The authors explain that the next generation forgets, or is led to believe, that the social world is given when it was produced or manufactured. But it isn't manufactured mechanistically but is interactively produced. The social order can be maintained by various techniques including intimidation, propaganda, mystification, or the manipulation of symbols. However, man is not a passive, but a reactionary creature that will not merely swallow social reality whole but will also often try and alter it. As the authors state man produces society, society becomes an objective, coercive, and reified (as in deified) reality, and, in turn, man becomes a social product of his own creation. Man experiences alienation when he forgets he created society or when he is powerless to control what he created. Man experiences what is called anomie when social worldviews no longer reflect reality.