domingo, 13 de junho de 2010

Fernando Lopes-Graça - Duas Canções

Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906 - 1994) was a Portuguese composer and conductor of the 20th century. He worked both as a contemporary music composer and as a musicologist. His major influences came from Portuguese popular music, that he studied, continuing the work of other musicologists, like Francisco de Lacerda. The first song is entitled "Alerta, Alerta" and the second one is "Ó Almas que Estais Dormindo".

Edvard Munch (1863 1944) was a Norwegian Symbolist painter, printmaker and an important forerunner of expressionistic art. His best-known composition, "The Scream" is part of a series "The Frieze of Life", in which Munch explored the themes of life, love, fear, death, and melancholy.