quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

The Journey - Ecolonie from The Journey TV on Vimeo.

Ecolonie has just celebrated its 20th birthday. This ecological community is located in the North of France, in the last 10 years the community have developed their self -sustainability, spreading the community out 40 hectares of land, and usefully incorporating goat farming and cheese production into their vision. The philosophy of the community is grounded in the belief of living in harmony with nature, and aims to be a European centre where different cultures meet in a friendly, open atmosphere.


This short film is part of "The Journey" an unique documentary project that delves into environmental, socio-culture and economic issues, with a questioning mind.

The focus of the project is to find and film inspiring ideas and projects over a wide spectrum of individuals and cultures, whilst examining our ability to reform our ideals, and our lifestyle in order to make positive changes for our planet and the human race.

The “Journeymen” (a person whom travels in order to gain experience, skills and knowledge) go in search of these stories – equipped only with minimal filming gear and personal possessions, they document their experience as they travel to global communities to observe, question and learn.

It is an organic process that grows, evolves and takes it’s own direction. With no planned route nor destination, the journeymen believe they will connect with the right people and places at the right time to film, aid and guide them on.

The project is currently filming and traveling through the UK. As the project travels short films are uploaded that can be viewed on this website. It is the long-term goal that this project will travel internationally to create a feature length film that will be released, to be viewed for free.

The projects aims to benefit individuals, projects and communities by sharing knowledge, offering solutions and connecting people through film.

It is the hope this project will touch and inspire people, by conveying the beauty within human nature and our world and resonating what is actually possible, when it comes it comes to our ability to change the world for the better.

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