segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Co-operative Economics LAMP MOVIE 08

Detroit schools face one of the most challenging subjects. How do we keep our students in schools? It's hard to keep youth out of selling drugs or fighting dogs to make money, when jobs in this city aren't reliable or available. so how can schools provide jobs for student so they don't fall into the underground economy?
Detroit Summer's Live Arts Media Project is a youth organization/ community with a mission to spread youth voices problems that affect them. and in 2008, youth produced three videos focusing on the major issues we see students facing in schools that might lead them to drop out.
This movie explores how schools can harness the creativeness of their students and teach them to start co-operative businesses with their peers. Student have the potential run legal business together with their friends. So why not use resources at schools to help them learn to run a business and to apply classes to everyday life.