terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

"Somos o Mar" & "Jardim Terra" by Beatnicks (Portugal, 1977)


https://www.facebook.com/prognotfrog With different backgrounds and different styles of music, Beatnicks began in 1965 with João Ribeiro, Rui Pipas, Mario Ceia and José Diogo.

The group chooses English as the language of their songs. They play in Festival Vilar de Mouros and Vigo. Record an EP containing "Cristina Goes To Town" which is complemented with "School Little Baby" and "Sing It Along. This phase is called Beatniks.and the group is next to a chain Hard Rock. Some say that could be the Portuguese Black Sabbath .

Since 1976 the band embarks on a style "progressive", very close to each Yes, Genesis, or in Portugal, Tantra. Being to sing in Portuguese, then record the single "Nps somos o Mar "(We Are the Sea) which includes the b-side "Jardim terra " (Garden land) it is simply fascinating, and represents its more progressive side, making to remember Perspectiva, another portuguese band (did two fabulous singles! always listen to (especially Lá Fora a Cidade) ,already posted here by Isabel

An essential disc for any music lover in the discography, which is interested in Portuguese Rock . Misongod - ProgNotFrog