domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Dr. Stephen Wright - Prejudice : The Roots of Discrimination

Psych in the City 2007
Prejudice: The Roots of Discrimination may be Deeper than We Think

What does it mean to say that someone is prejudiced? Are things like racial prejudice or sexism a thing of the past?

Research in social psychology shows that prejudice is much more than thinking negative thoughts or treating people from other groups badly. Prejudice can also be found in our unconscious thoughts and feelings, and can leak out in our unintended actions.

The way that we think about ourselves and our own groups can also create and maintain prejudice and discrimination against others.

While alarming and disappointing to people who do not want to believe they are prejudiced, these new ways of recognizing and understanding prejudice also offer important insights into how we can combat it and reduce inequality.

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