sábado, 10 de março de 2012

"DEFINING PEACE" - Full Lecture | by Peter Joseph | Feb. 6th '12 | The Zeitgeist Movement


Peter Joseph's 1.5 hour Lecture "Defining Peace"; the end segment of the Tel Aviv, Israel / Mid-East TZM Event which occurred on Feb 6th 2012. Amazing Work by TZM Israel; an historical event.

This is the Audio of the Q & A with Peter Joseph; the end segment of the Tel Aviv, Israel / Mid-East TZM Event which occurred on Feb 6th 2012. This followed Peter Joseph's Lecture "Defining Peace". Amazing Work by TZM Israel; an historical event, indeed.

The entire program was as follows:

Peter Joseph - Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement
Title: "Defining Peace - Economics, The State and War'
This 1.5 hour talk will examine the historical roots of war; its technical
irrelevancy; the State's historical psychological coercion of mass appeal;
the inherent exclusive benefits to the upper class and denigration of the
lower class; the broad inefficiency of the State itself as a divisive
business entity and hence its inherent conflict propensity; along with how
the only way of achieving lasting human peace is through the dissolving of
the Market System catalysts, the Ownership Class and the State entity

Eyal Hetrzog
Title: Punished By Rewards - 21'st Century Education
From Machine-Education to Humane-Education:
* Personnel: John Taylor Gatto, Norman Dodd, Charlotte Iserbyt
* Educational Committees: Reece, Carnegieת Croflex, Ford
* The transition from local-decentralized education to
centralized-controlled education
* Unification of education and values in accordance with Communist
* The influence of WWI on women's role in society
* John Taylor Gatto's conclusions on the educational system, after 20 years
as a teacher

Amnon Dafni- founder of "J14"- News Source for the Israeli Protest Movement
Title: The Technology of Protest - Activism in the Age of the Internet.
Communication technologies have changed the rules of the game in the
civil-protest arena.
The present and future of the inter-connected-society.

Israeli Renewable Energies Co-op
Title: "Shared-Renewable-Energy - A Solution to the Energy Crisis"
A socioeconomic model for economizing energy - The beginning of the end of
the traditional centralized power-stations.

Adamama Center
Title: Practical Ecology - What is Permaculture?
The transition from waste-full bourgeois , into sustainable-housing - The
natural way for stable ecological- efficiency.
Through imitating the reciprocities occurring in nature, we can work and
produce without harming the environment.