domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Psychology experiment on adolescent conformity

2/3 Psychology experiment on adolescent conformity

3/3 Psychology experiment on adolescent conformity


Part 1 of my Solomon Asch ( social psych experiment. Done in New Canaan, CT, for an adolescent psychology course, the idea was to put people in an "awkward" situation where they would feel an internal conflict between conforming to a group which is obviously giving wrong answers to a test, or standing out as the only person to deviate and give correct responses. In order to offset suspicion, they were told this was a simple part 1 of an experiment for technical purposes, and that a "real" experiment was coming after.

Rather than compile statistical data as Asch did, I looked at each individual subject and proposed possible explanations for why they behaved the way they did, mostly relating to Erik Erikson's seven conflicts of adolescent identity formation.

Oh, and because I like funny stuff, it's not all serious, it's meant to be kinda entertaining regardless of academic benefit :-)