domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Degrowth in London - Mauro Bonaiuti

Degrowth in London - Mauro Bonaiuti from ceecec project on Vimeo.

On January 12 2010, the King’s Cross Hub in London was packed to capacity with a crowd that braved some of the UK’s worst winter weather to attend Degrowth in London: Toward an International Degrowth Network. The purpose of the CEECEC supported event (linked to SERI’s Growth in Transition conference, and the upcoming 2nd Annual Conference on Sustainable Economic Degrowth in Barcelona) was to introduce the concept of Decroissance, which shares many features with better-known approaches in the UK such as steady-state economics, and prosperity without growth, and to bring together these visions with a view to contributing to the establishment an International Degrowth network, one that values the complementarity and diversity of the many emerging European movements, and encourages and enables collaboration between researchers. Attendees included individuals from the policy realm, the research community, environmental and sustainability NGOs and advocates of corporate social responsibility.