domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Growth in Transition 2010: Tim Jackson

Growth in Transition 2010: Tim Jackson from SLL on Vimeo.

Tim Jackson is professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey and Director of the Research group on Lifestyles, Values and Environment (RESOLVE). Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the aim of RESOLVE is to explore the links between lifestyles, societal values and the environment. In particular, RESOLVE aims to provide evidence-based advice to policy-makers who are seeking to understand and to influence people’s energy-related behaviours and practices. Tim Jackson’s current research interests include consumer behaviour, sustainable energy systems, ecological economics and environmental philosophy. In the last twelve years he has pioneered the development of an adjusted measure of economic growth – a green GDP – for the UK.

Since 2004, Tim Jackson has been Economics Commissioner on the UK Sustainable Development Commission. Further, Jackson is the author of SDC’s groundbreaking report, now updated and expanded in the book Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet (Earthscan, 2009). In addition to his academic work, Tim Jackson is an award-winning playwright with numerous radio-writing credits for the BBC.

24 September 2010, Helsinki, Finland