sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Fraudclosure - Originated from Rampant "Control Fraud"?


An excerpt from the Jun 11, 2009 Hammer Forum presentation "The Great American Bank Robbery" by William Black, former bank regulator, now a PhD white collar criminologist and economics professor. You can watch the entire presentation at:

A link to an excellent summary of the various fraudulent acts and unethical behavior that got us here:

Charges And Specifications

Foreclosure expert Neil Garfield (former investment banker, trial lawyer and board member of several financial institutions) confirms that mortgages have been pledged multiple times, were not actually securitized, and the "document problem" is really a system of "Push-Button Fraud":

The confessions of an accountant with decades of experience in high-level global consulting firms and Fortune 50 U.S. corporations, about halfway down this page:

The Rot Within: Our Culture of Financial Fraud and the Anger of the Honest

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