domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Mike Leung Worker Cooperative Credit Union


An interview with Mike Leung, founder of pre-start-up Worker Cooperative Credit Union.

Filmed at the Modern Times bookstore in The Mission, San Francisco

how long working on worker-cooperative credit union?
why ? what ? who ?
worker cooperative self funded
credit union charter ?
who ? 3 years
common bond
field of membership
3 associations common bond
us federation of worker cooperatives
network of bay area worker cooperatives
north american students of cooperatives
3 groups members of cooperative
what is a credit union ?
how does the worker cooperative credit union differ from a normal credit union?
chartered explicitly to lend to worker cooperatives
banks arent traditionally interested in lending to democratic work places
the global financial crisis
how do worker cooperative credit unions differ to for-profit corporation
worker cooperatives