domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

David Rothkopf: Influence of the World’s Super-Rich

World Affairs Council: Nor Cal

 Members of today's "superclass" have achieved unprecedented levels of wealth and power. Each of them is one in a million as they number six thousand on a planet of over six billion.

According to David Rothkopf, globalization expert and author of Superclass: The Global Elite and the World They Are Making, members of the superclass run our governments, our largest corporations, the powerhouses of international finance, the media, world religions, and, from the shadows, the world's most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations.

Arguing that they control globalization more than anyone else, Rothkopf questions whether their influence feeds the growing economic and social inequity that divides the world?

Furthermore, what happens behind closed-door meetings in Davos or aboard corporate jets at 41,000 feet? Conspiracy or collaboration? Deal-making or idle self-indulgence?

David Rothkopf joins the Council to answer these questions and draw back the curtain on a privileged society that most of us know little about, even though it profoundly affects our everyday lives.