quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015


Green - 48 min - 2009 - Tawak Pictures

A poetical film on the deforestation in Indonesia and the extinction of the orangutans. The film tells the story of a female orangutan named Green who has lost her home, her child and her will to live. The story is told from Green’s point of view, without a word. This is a self produced film which brakes free from the conventional documentary to find itself halfway between fiction and documentary.

Un film poétique sur la déforestation en Indonésie et l’extinction des orangs-outans. Le film raconte l’histoire de Green, une orang-outan qui a perdu sa forêt, son enfant et son désir de vivre. Ce film autoproduit échappe aux standards du documentaire conventionnel et pousse les limites du genre pour se situer quelque part entre la fiction et le documentaire.