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Edward Bernays' 'Propaganda' Deconstructed (Full 10 Hour Series)

http://smellslikehumanspirit.com/edwa... Edward Bernays' 'Propaganda' Deconstructed - The following is a 10 hour audio series that I recorded between April 2013 and February 2014, all about the 'Father of PR', Edward Bernays. This series is probably the project that I'm most proud of since I began podcasting. In fact, on a near daily basis, I still receive e-mails about it!
Over the course of 10 hours (!), I take you through Bernays' magnum opus, 'Propaganda', written in 1928. I take a critical look at just how influential his ideas were, and detail the resulting impact in relation to public relations, advertising, celebrity culture, and democracy itself. Along the way, you will hear from various guest speakers as well, including Edward Bernays' own daughter, Anne Bernays.

If you would like even more information on Edward Bernays and 'Propaganda', you can head over to http://smellslikehumanspirit.com/edwa...to access further resources, read the book transcript, and even download this series in an 13-part episode format.

With that all being said, I encourage you to listen, like, share and subscribe! I appreciate your support, so enjoy, and peace :)

- Guy Evans

Who is Edward Bernays?

Edward Bernays, born in Vienna in 1891 and famously the nephew of Sigmund Freud, was perhaps the pioneer in the field of Public Relations, and highly influential in providing the framework for modern advertising. His work aimed to convince people to want things that they didn’t need, and in the process, link their unconscious desires to the consumption of mass produced goods. This in turn, it was theorized, could be used to control the masses, as by keeping them distracted on frivolous happenings and relatively unimportant wants, they wouldn’t interfere with the activities of what he called ‘the important few’.