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Mary Mellor at the Just Banking conference on 20th April 2012


Mary Mellor at the Just Banking conference on 20th April 2012.

"What does the current banking system mean for sustainability?"

Mary Mellor is Emeritus Professor at Northumbria University. Her current research focuses on the financial crisis, money systems and financial exclusion. Her research interests include the social economy and alternative economics; co-operatives and other alternative economic structures; ecofeminist political economy, ecological political economy and feminist economics; ecologically sustainable and social just 'sufficiency' economics.

One of her research projects is focused on the development of ecologically sustainable and socially just economies. This project explores how the money system can be used to develop a needs-led economy that could enable the circulation of goods and services without requiring constant economic growth.

Mary is a founding member of the World Economics Association and was founding Chair of the University's Sustainable Cities Research Institute. Her most recent book is 'The Future of Money: From Financial Crisis to Public Resource'.

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