quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

Hartmann: Occupy Wall Street & The Real Boston Tea Party

There's pressure mounting on the young people in Manhattan - many of whom refer to themselves as "the other 99 percent of us" or the "99ers" - to lay out some clear reasons as to why they are occupying Wall Street In fact - the mainstream media has turned to ridiculing the movement - because there isn't a set agenda or clearly defined goal. Even though the real reason why the mainstream media is ridiculing the movement is because it doesn't fit within their corporate-friendly narrative. But first - in case there were still doubts as to why the 99% of us should be upset with how the top 1% have hijacked our economy - and why people are now taking to the streets to do something about - consider some history & facts. Then Lee Fang w/ Think Progress joins Thom Hartmann to talk about how the growing protests against transnational corporations' love affair with greed resembles another historic protest...the Boston Tea Party?