domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

Refuting 20 Capitalist Myths


Video showing ppl who don't want to work for a boss

2nd Part

Questions Part 1:
#1 Isn't capitalism the only alternative to a totalitarian communist tyranny?
#2 But aren't people naturally greedy? without the profit motive, how will people work or be creative?
#3 isn't having to work for a boss in capitalism the same as having to work for a living in nature?
#4 But don't people want bosses?
#5 But didn't capitalist bosses provide you with improvements in standards of living.
#6 But didn't the framework of capitalism allow for the improvements those workers fought for?
#7 But don't political freedoms go in hand with capitalism?
#8 But isn't inequality and poverty in capitalism, especially in places like Bangladesh, Malasya, Burma, Indonesia etc justified because of social mobility?
#9 What's wrong with not controlling your workplace with your fellow workers?
#10 OK, the workers don't control the workplace, but don't they at least control the consumer system?
#11 But what is wrong with capitalist non-labor income?
#12 But some capitalist bosses work hard, don't they?
#13 But without capitalism, won't everyone be able to use my home, bed and my toothbrush?
#14 But isn't capitalism historically just?