domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

Seattle Green Festival 2011 - Follow the Money by David Korten

"We humans are confronting the reality of our nature as living beings"

"We must reorganize human economies to function as locally self-reliant subsystems of their local ecosystems."

"So follow the money and you will see the source and consequences of the evil that threatens the viability of human societies and the biosphere."

"For a society, money, which can be created with a simple accounting entry, should never be the defining constraint."

"These once highly sensible government programs now guarantee and subsidize loosely-regulated too-big-to-fail private banks engaged in financing speculation, financial bubbles, usury, asset stripping, and investment fraud."

"Critics will argue that the proposed actions represent unwarranted government interference in the market. In reality, Wall Street is a creation of government interference in the market."

David Korten is co-founder and board chair of YES! Magazine, co-chair of the New Economy Working Group, president of the People-Centered Development Forum, and a founding board member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). His books include Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, and the international best seller When Corporations Rule the World.