sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Earth Day Special: Vandana Shiva on India's Anti-Nuclear Protests

On Earth Day, Democracy Now! interviews Vandana Shiva, prominent environmental leader, feminist and thinker from India. Shiva discussed the anti-nuclear movement in India, which has gained momentum over stopping the construction of a new six-reactor nuclear power station on the coastal plains of Jaitapur, India, in an area known for mango and cashew production. On Monday, Indian police opened fire on hundreds of protesters at a demonstration against the nuclear power plant, killed one person. More than 20 people were arrested. Shiva takes on British environmentalist George Monbiot, who recently discussed on Democracy Now! why he is in support of nuclear power, despite the ongoing crisis in Japan.

"Most civilizations of the world, for most of human history, have seen the world in terms of relatedness and connection," Shiva says. "And if there's one thing the rights of Mother Earth is waking us to, is we are all connected. And it's in that connection we can't have arrogant solutions, like nuclear is clean. Just because you don't see the radiation doesn't make it clean."

This is just an excerpt of an extended interview with Vandana Shiva and environmentalist Maude Barlow. Click here to watch the entire interview: