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The Day Pictures Were Born


The Day Pictures Were Born Part 2

The Day Pictures Were Born Part 3

The Day Pictures Were Born Part 4

The discovery of prehistoric cave paintings in the last century led to the shocking realisation that Europeans have been creating art for over 40,000 years. This programme reveals how the very first pictures ever made were created, and how images may have triggered the greatest change in human history.

The art of the Upper Paleolithic is the oldest undisputed prehistoric art, and the oldest known art in human history. Taken as evidence of behavioral modernity, art in the Upper Paleolithic originates in the Aurignacian archaeological culture. Notable reflections of the Upper Paleolithic Revolution are the emergence of cave painting, sculpture such as the Venus figurines, and the development of musical instruments such as flutes.

The oldest undisputed works of prehistoric art were found in the Schwäbische Alb, Germany. The Venus of Hohle Fels, dates to some 40,000 years ago. Further depictional art includes cave painting (such as the famous paintings at Altamira, Spain), portable art (a 35,000 year old figurine of a mammoth discovered in the Vogelherd cave. Germany), and various open air art.